A JetBlue Airways plane caught fire on Saturday resulting in 167 passengers evacuating the plane at JFK international airport in New York.

Investigators believe the fire was caused by an electronic device, but the incident is still under investigation.

A representative of JetBlue offered more details and stated the fire was caused by a “customer’s malfunctioning electronic device or lithium battery.”

JetBlue flight 662 flight caught fire shortly after arriving from Barbados.

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All passengers were able to safely exit the plane using emergency slides and only seven suffered minor injuries.

Taking a flight this Christmas season was a bit risky if your were flying on a tight schedule.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported over 12,500 flights were cancelled this Christmas weekend due to a major winter storm that hit the Midwest and quickly moved to the East Coast.

Driving wasn’t that much safer either.

In Ohio, icy road conditions caused a 46 car pile up on the Ohio turnpike which left four people dead.


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