Turning over an old Leaf, the Nissan Ariya is the automaker’s next chapter. We’ve seen it coming for a while — the stylish crossover was revealed back in 2020 — and Nissan has now revealed pricing for its new EV.

There are six grades of Ariya with various drive and battery configurations. Nissan says MSRP for the Ariya range starts at $43,190; a destination fee was not disclosed, so it’s not included in the prices shown in this post. $43K gets you a FWD Ariya with a 63 kWh battery.

Driving range on a full charge is rated at 216 miles for the FWD Engage base model, and makes 214 horsepower. Adding Nissan’s “e-Force” AWD to the Engage trim reduces the range slightly to 205 miles, the least of any Ariya, and output jumps to 335 horsepower. 

The Ariya Venture+ FWD has the highest range available, at 304 miles.

The Engage+ e-Force AWD model is the top performer at 389 horsepower. Its range is up to 270 miles.

And the top dog in price is the Platinum+, at $60,190, again, not including destination fee. This Nappa-leather trimmed model also has 389 horsepower. Its available 19-inch wheels bring the range rating down a bit, to 265 miles.

Here’s the full trim and price breakdown. Any trim gets you the Ariya’s fashionable and futuristic interior:

Some customers signed up for an Ariya under Nissan’s reservation program. Their pricing situation will be a bit different. Here’s the special reservation MSRP breakdown. Nissan stopped taking orders for the Ariya back in May because of supply chain issues.

For more details, including details on how each trim level is equipped, visit the Nissan Ariya trim breakdown page.

The Nissan Ariya is assembled in Japan, meaning that it won’t qualify for the $7,500 federal tax credit, based on new restrictions imposed by the Inflation Reduction Act.

Nissan Ariya sales will begin this fall, starting with front-wheel-drive models. Some of the AWD models will be available in early 2023.

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