The podcast: Fake Doctors, Real Friends
The hosts: Zach Braff and Donald Faison 
The gist: As the show’s name suggests, Braff and Faison have remained close since Scrubs ended 13 years ago, and, when the coronavirus pandemic had sent the world into lockdown in March 2020, they did what any bored pair of friends would do: They started a hit podcast.

In addition to offering insight about the making of the medical sitcom, the actors take calls from fans and offer life advice, all while shooting the s–t and building up their own vocabulary, like when Faison memorably used the word “deservant” in an early episode and became canon for loyal listeners.

 “Scrubs created all of these sayings—whether it be ‘Eagle’ or ‘Chocolate Bear,’ and now through this podcast, the show lives on,” Faison told E! News in September 2020. “‘Deservant,’ which is a word that I made up, is now in the Scrubs vernacular but was never in Scrubs. This show is like, alright, so you were a fan of Turk and JD and you really enjoyed hanging out with them? You can hang out with them for another hour and a half every Tuesday and Thursday!”

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