*Election denier alert*

Ana Navarro this week said Republican Governor Ron DeSantis won his reelection because he “gamed the system.”

Ron DeSantis won his reelection against Democrat grifter Charlie Crist in a landslide 57-42.

Several House seats in Florida flipped from blue to red.

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Miami-Dade turned red.

Floridians are fed up with inflation, high gas prices, CRT and transgenderism being pushed on children so they rejected the Biden-Democrat agenda.

CNN’s Ana Navarro lashed out at Ron DeSantis and said he only won because he “gamed the system.”

“[DeSantis] turned Florida into an unlevel playing field,” Navarro said. “They changed election laws making it harder to vote by mail, they paraded a bunch of people – black people that they arrested for voting fraud and paraded them in front of national media! He created an election police!”


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