MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said President Biden sees nothing political in Hurricane Ian as he has already pre-promised aid to Florida.

Video of Wallace:


Nicolle Wallace said on her show Deadline: White House:

This President, this White House has already approved whatever aid is requested by the state of Florida. I don’t even think those disaster declarations have been made, but the aid has been It feels like in our badly broken politics, this President doesn’t see any sort of shades of anything political.

He’s already pre-promised whatever aid is needed to help the state recover. Obviously, a governor will seek whatever help and assistance, financial or otherwise, his state and constituents need on a day like today.

Wallace and former Rep. David Jolly discussed the federal and state relationship needed to recover from a natural disaster. Jolly pointed out that the rebuilding and the relationship will last for years.

Biden has been a textbook example of how a President should lead and support the state and local governments after a natural disaster. There is no politicization of the crisis, and president Biden is not putting himself front and center. The President and his administration are committing the resources of the federal government to help the people who the historic Hurricane Ian is impacting.

It is a significant change from the previous administration and deserves to be acknowledged and noted by Nicolle Wallace.

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