Peacock‘s new docuseries is diving into one of the most polarizing trials in recent history.

Eleven years since she was found not guilty of the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, Casey Anthony is sharing her side of the story in the three-part series Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies, which premieres Nov. 29.

The limited series will follow “Casey’s account of the infamous investigation, trial and aftermath, speaking to the speculation surrounding her actions at the time, her demeanor in the courtroom and her time spent in prison,” according to the streamer’s description.

Using behind-the-scenes footage, evidence from the defense and belongings from Anthony’s personal archives, viewers will get a “never-before-seen look into both sides of a story that ignited a media firestorm,” the description states.

Showrunner and director Alexandra Dean said in a press release that “getting closer to the unbiased truth” was the most important thing when making the docuseries. And getting that truth involved Anthony receiving the platform to debunk public opinions and speak about her experiences.

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