Conor Benn has admitted he failed two drug tests, in July and September, before his bout vs Chris Eubank Jr was dramatically cancelled, vowing “my innocence will be proven”.

It was revealed just days before the scheduled catchweight fight between Benn and Eubank Jr on October 8, an “adverse analytical finding for trace amounts of a fertility drug” had shown up in one of Benn’s tests by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA).

Indeed, Benn has now revealed trace amounts of the female fertility drug clomifene were found in his urine from VADA tests given on July 25 and September 1.

Benn also says he and his team believe contamination is behind the positive tests.

“I was informed (of the first fail in July) and I thought: ‘It’s probably a faulty test’,” Benn told The Sun. “I thought, ‘We’ll get to the bottom of it’. We’re still trying to do that. We’re making progress. But the way it’s been blown up has affected me so much. My innocence will be proven, it has to be.

“I passed all my UKAD tests, which people aren’t talking about. I’ve passed all my tests in and out of camp. I’ve been a professional for seven years and never failed a test.

Chris Eubank Jr (left) and Conor Benn
Benn vs Eubank Jr was sensationally called off just days before the bout

“I signed up to VADA in February, so it doesn’t make any sense. Why would I take something then? Trace amounts were found. The tiniest of traces. The only thing I can think of is contamination.

“I’ve not taken anything. I never have done, never would. It’s not what I stand for, it’s not what my team stands for. Why would I take the biggest fight of my life, sign up to VADA – voluntary anti-doping – and then take this substance? If you Google this substance, it stays in your system for months. Do I look like an idiot?”

On Wednesday, Benn relinquished his British boxing licence as a hearing on October 21 upheld “allegations of misconduct”, the British Boxing Board of Control said.

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Speaking previously on his Instagram profile, Nigel Benn defended his son (Credit:nigelbennofficial)

Benn, however, criticised the “unfair and biased” procedure from the BBBoC, and says the misconduct allegation was not in relation to a failed drugs test ahead of his cancelled clash with Eubank Jr.

“I won’t fight until this is resolved, with a foreign licence or not. Whether people believe it or not is not down to me. But there comes a stage where you harden,” Benn added.

Conor Benn
Benn says he will not fight again until the situation is resolved

“I don’t want to get to there but I also don’t want to keep getting hurt by this. It’s horrible dealing with this at 26 after working so hard every day. I wonder if I can ever fight again right now. But I cannot let them win.

“It baffles me that people think I have cheated after seeing me on TV for so long, what I am like with my team, family and dad. Am I a serial liar?”

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