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Celebrities have their insecure moments too! Ten years after David Arquette, 51, and Courteney Cox, 58, divorced the Never Been Kissed star appeared on Andy Cohen‘s SiriusXM show and admitted he felt “inferior” to the Friends actress amid her growing success. “Did you go through times when she was on Friends where you felt inferior to her or less than based on how successful that show was?”, the host asked David on Apr. 27. The 51-year-old quickly responded and confirmed that “Yeah” he “absolutely” felt that way about his ex-wife.

Later, the father-of-one confirmed that his insecurities stemmed from traditional male ideology. “I have some of the traditional male things where I want to like, you know, provide and pick up the check and, you know, be the breadwinner,” David said. He also called Hollywood a “rollercoaster” where the ability to “get a job” often fluctuates. “And then when you’re comparing yourself to someone who’s at the top of television iconic world… it’s kind of hard to put yourself there,” Courtney’s ex continued.

David got even more candid and detailed that the former married couple had “pain” and “arguments” about that during their 14-year marriage. “A lot of it has to do with the way you’re taking things, the way you’re saying things, the way you’re responding to things, the way you’re allowing other sort of outside influences affect how you feel about yourself,” he explained to Andy on how he and his ex navigated that issue in their relationship. “I think building confidence, focusing on yourself, working out some of the pain and trauma that I had… so I could open up and own what makes me happy.”

Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox was married to David Arquette from 1999 to 2013. (NBC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection)

Towards the end of the interview, David, who shares daughter, Coco Arquette, 18, with Courteney, encouraged others to try to “work it out” when it came to their marriages. “But we had a really great thing at the end,” he continued. “I just think a lot of people end up… when relationships end and lawyers get involved they really sort of battle a lot of the time.” Rather than “spending a lot of money to lawyers”, David noted that he wished people would “really try to work it out.”

Courteney Cox friends
Courteney Cox starred in ‘Friends’ from 1994 to 2004. (Reisig & Taylor / ©Warner Bros. Television / Courtesy Everett Collection)

The Scream co-stars have both since moved on, as David has been married to Christina McLarty, 42, since 2015. Meanwhile, Courteney recently celebrated Easter with her boyfriendJohnny McDaid, 46, on Apr. 9. “Happy Easter y’all!”, she captioned the carousel of photos with the Snow Patrol singer and her 18-year-old daughter. As many know, the brunette beauty starred on Friends from 1994 until the final episode in 2004. David and the mother of his child also have continued to work together on several Scream movies, including the most recent release, Scream VI, in Mar. 2023.

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