A photo of a Dodge Charger surrounded by orange question marks.

Image: Dodge/Owen Bellwood

Dodge has been bidding farewell to its V8 muscle cars in a long, drawn out way that has so far included six pretty cool, very shouty, limited-edition models. That fond farewell was due to conclude with a secret seventh “Last Call” model set to launch at this year’s SEMA show, but it’s been delayed.

Dodge’s seventh and final Last Call muscle car would follow in the footsteps of the Challenger-based Shakedown, the Charger-based Super Bee and the recently-announced Black Ghost, which was created in tribute to a 1970s street racer.

The next iteration in the series, which would also be based on either the Charger or Challenger, was all set to be revealed at this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 1-4.

An image of two green Dodge Charger and Challenger muscle cars.

The “Last Call” series has included Doge Charger and Challenger models.
Image: Dodge

But, Dodge has now shared a statement confirming that it has pushed back the reveal of the seventh “Last Call” muscle car. According to Dodge:

“The introduction of the brand’s seventh and final 2023 “Last Call” commemorative edition model has been set back.

“When product and supply challenges have been resolved, the reveal will be rescheduled.”

The company hasn’t alluded to when the final model in the series will break cover, and neither has it given any hint and what “challenges” could be causing the delay. But in recent months the auto industry has been hit with many backlogs, shortages and constraints, so you can take your pick.

Maybe the seemingly never-ending chip shortage is having an impact on the features that Dodge can include in its final V8 muscle car. Or, perhaps, the rumored aluminum shortage is hampering its construction?

An image of the orange Dodge Charger King Daytona muscle car.

The Charger King Daytona is one of Dodge’s “Last Call” models.
Image: Dodge

It could even be a big ruse and the lithium shortage that’s affecting the EV sector could instead be hampering the rollout. Who knows.

While that last one is unlikely, Dodge has already outlined its electric muscle car plans with the debut of the Charger Daytona concept. Premiered last month, the all-electric muscle car is a sign of things to come at the Stellantis-owned brand once the current generation of Charger and Challenger take their final bows.

Just now, that curtain call is set to come a little later than expected.

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