A photo of Taylor Swift playing a white guitar on stage.

Taylor Swift, probably thinking about her next Chevy.
Photo: Terry Wyatt (Getty Images)

Who had the best year in 2022? Was it Elon Musk, who finally started delivering Tesla Semi trucks? Was it Max Verstappen, who claimed his second consecutive F1 title? No, it was Taylor Swift, who released her 10th studio album and broke all manner of records in the process.

Swift’s latest release, called Midnights, came out in October and continued the American singer’s longstanding tradition of writing songs all about cars. Sure, you might think her tracks are love stories, tales about her escapades ‘round New York or her life as a megastar. But, she’s actually a massive car fan who’s sung about everything on four wheels numerous times.

In fact, Swift sings the word car 37 times across her 10 albums, and also name checks specific makes and models on top of that. So, to recount some of the pop stars biggest hits, we thought it was time we paid homage to Swift’s love of cars.

So, here is every car Taylor Swift has ever sung about.

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