When authors Gabe and Rebekah Lyons got married, they were a successful, goal-oriented couple who had the next decade of their lives all planned out. Then their firstborn son, Cade, was born with down syndrome and everything changed … for the better.

At first, their son’s condition was a difficult adjustment. Gabe and Rebekah were confronted by the harsh reality that they weren’t in control of their lives as much as they thought they were. They also had to grieve the loss of dreams they had for their son. He’d never be the athlete, the musician, or the academic they’d hoped for. He’d never get married, build a career, or have children.

But from the ashes of those difficulties, beauty began to emerge. The challenges of caring for their son deepened Gabe and Rebekah’s character and taught them how to love unconditionally. They learned to look beneath the surface and see a person for who they are instead of what they can offer. Over time, their attitude shifted, transforming their son’s condition from a curse … into a gift.

If you’re facing a tough childhood diagnosis, don’t lose heart. Your child’s disability doesn’t have to mean disaster. Every child brings beauty, love, and laughter into the world. And with your grace, love, and support, your child can not only thrive despite physical or mental limitations, but they can also become a shining example of the remarkable value of every human life.

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