The stockings were hung by the chimney with care … except for the daughter of Hunter Biden – who he had with a stripper while he was dating his brother’s widow whom he cheated on his wife with – which could be found nowhere.

You know, it’s the classic Christmas story.

First Lady Jill Biden unveiled the White House Christmas decorations recently, a lovely arrangement that included stockings hung by a fireplace for the President’s eight grandchildren.

First dog Commander and First cat Willow also got their own stockings.

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Hunter’s Daughter He Had With a Stripper Left Out in the Cold

While the family pets get their own stockings, and the theme of the Christmas display is ‘We the People,’ one ‘people’ is noticeably missing.

Four-year-old Navy Jones Roberts, Hunter Biden’s daughter he had with former stripper Lunden Roberts in 2018, does not have her own stocking hung by the fireplace.

Their’s was a classic love story from the onset, meeting at a gentleman’s club called Mpire Club in Washington, DC, where Ms. Roberts worked under the stage name, ‘Dallas.’

Hunter’s memoir Beautiful Things recalls that time period in which the President’s son engaged in hard drug use and “rampages” of random sex with women who were “hardly the dating type.” 

To be fair, Hunter isn’t exactly the ‘dating type’ either, unless you’re into middle-aged crackheads who smoke parmesan cheese.

Little Navy, Forgotten

Of course, maybe the Biden’s simply forgot about little Navy Jones Roberts.

Hunter certainly tried to, initially denying being her dad by saying he had ‘no recollection’ of meeting her mother.

The First Son wrote about that time period saying “That’s how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for.”

Hunter settled with his stripper baby mama for $2.5 million in 2020, but in September of this year asked a court to recalculate his child support payments, arguing he could no longer afford them.

The irony here is that Joe and Jill Biden are likely leaving little Navy out of the stocking display because they’re embarrassed by her, but the true embarrassment is the man he calls “the smartest guy I know,” Hunter.

Aside from trying to disavow his own child, the smartest guy Joe knows has been caught in pictures with prostitutes, sometimes involving pets, discussed smoking parmesan cheese thinking it was crack cocaine, been nabbed on video slip-sliding away down a slide naked into a pool at a $4,140-per-night Malibu rental home, and been filmed weighing his stash of crack cocaine and fondling himself.

He’s basically Billy Bob Thronton’s character in the movie Bad Santa – but even that guy tries to make things right for the kid at the end of the movie.

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