The Walker campaign sent a pro-Walker flyer out, giving potential voters the wrong end date for early voting in Georgia.

The flyer:

The reason why the flyer was likely incompetence and not misinformation is that it was sent to a “leaning” voter. Those are the sort of voters that the Walker campaign needs to break for him to get over 50% and defeat Sen. Raphael Warnock.

It is complete incompetence for a campaign to connect voters who want to vote for their candidate and give them the wrong end date for early voting. A Republican dirty intended to deceive Democratic voters would target solid Democrats who vote early, and it would not contain Herschel Walker’s campaign pitch.

Republicans appear willing to overlook anything and everything if it means that they could take back the Senate. Walker is like a Trump clone who potentially has CTE, and just like Donald Trump, his campaign is making sloppy, messy, and incompetent errors that will likely lead to his defeat.

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