“Every Election represents a referendum on the past and present as well as a projection of the hopes and dreams for the future. While results are still coming in and many questions remain as of this Wednesday morning, it’s clear to me that our charge as Christian citizens remains strong.  

“We are people of love and hope, and we have a responsibility to share Christ’s Good News with our family, neighbors and co-workers. We must demonstrate these Gospel principles by our actions and our speech. We must be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. There is no room for hypocrisy or mean-spiritedness. We have both an obligation and a responsibility to tell the good story of life and why protecting the most innocent remains a top priority. Results from key state ballot initiatives on the sanctity of life indicate will still have a lot of work to do. We may not win every battle, but we can act in a way that makes us worthy of success when it comes.  

“Christians are not called to be raw partisans, but we care deeply about last night’s outcome because policies are crafted by politicians – and policies impact people. America’s parents and people of faith are eager to live in a country that supports their values and protects their families. We do not want the government to play an oversized role in our lives. And the very best way we can help prevent that is to love our own families and step up as people of faith to care for others. 

“I hope you will join me in praying for all those willing to sacrifice their time and lives in service to this country. The real work in Washington begins when the cheering stops and the campaigning ends. We trust in God’s sovereignty, and we give thanks to Him for His generosity and graciousness to us.”  

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