It is unknown what former vice president Mike Pence told the office of special counsel Jack Smith in his testimony, but he ran a red light fleeing the courthouse.

Video of Pence running the light:

NBC News reported:

Pence’s appearance came amid an increased security presence at the federal courthouse in Washington on Thursday. NBC News spotted multiple black SUVs with tinted windows entering the parking garage in the morning. Two black SUVs entered the courthouse garage at around 9 a.m., an entrance that would allow witnesses to head up to the grand jury rooms on the third floor without being seen in the public areas of the courthouse.

The SUVs left the courthouse at about 4:30 p.m.

Given the fact that the SUVs wasted no time getting out of there, with one even running a red light, it sure seems like it wasn’t a fun day at the courthouse for the former vice president.

Pence’s testimony came hours after a federal appeals court rejected Trump’s last-ditch attempt to try to block his former vice president from testifying.

Mike Pence testified for hours, and it is well known from other investigations and reports that Donald Trump tried to get him to violate the law and not certify the 2020 election.

Pence was able to dodge the 1/6 Committee and other investigations, but Jack Smith forced him to testify, and what Pence said could be terrible news for Trump and other coup plotters.

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