A screenshot of Splatoon 3, showing two characters back to back, each holding a bazooka that shoots ink.
Nintendo is continuing support for Splatoon 3 by adding new features to its Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. | Image: Nintendo

The words “Nintendo” and “online” usually can’t be uttered in the same sentence without a few chuckles and murmurs. But I’m legitimately impressed with the latest update to its Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android. Paid subscribers can now add Splatoon 3-specific widgets to their phone or tablet homescreen.

Version 2.3.0 of the app for either platform adds the ability to use three new widgets: a photo album to see the pictures that you’ve snapped from the game, your battle log to show your recent wins and losses, and finally — my favorite — a stage schedule that fills you in on the upcoming stage rotation for various game modes. That one also shows what gear you have equipped and what abilities that gear has.

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