Reddit has introduced yet another way to chat on the platform, and this time the company appears serious about it.

Chat channels, which have launched on 25 volunteer subreddits, are a new way to message within a particular subreddit. The idea, basically, is for the chat channel to be a Discord or Telegram-like space where you can chat with other subreddit members in real time.

Reddit already has a feature called Live Chat(opens in a new tab), which allows anyone to create a new post and then chat within it.

Chat channels are different. In a post(opens in a new tab) announcing the feature, the company says that the idea is for chat channels to be dedicated spaces that persist within a subreddit, rather than one-off chat locations. “This is your place for general discussion, a place to share random quips and reactions that you otherwise wouldn’t have in a post,” the post says.

Reddit chat channels

Chat channels are initially launching with a small number of subreddits.
Credit: Reddit

Furthermore, Reddit says chat channels will have a “mod-first approach,” with more options available to moderators, and even a mod-only channel where they can share experiences with other moderators.

Reddit didn’t offer a list of the 25 channels getting the new feature, but it said chat channels will “slowly expand” to other subreddits.

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