Former 1/6 Committee adviser Denver Riggleman said that texts from Mark Meadows were a treasure trove that provided a roadmap to the attempted coup.



Transcript of Riggleman on 60 Minutes:

Bill Whitaker: You have said, “These texts provide irrefutable, time-stamped proof of a comprehensive plot at all levels of government to overturn the election.” “Irrefutable?”

Denver Riggleman: Irrefutable. Early in the text messages they were talking about alternate electors, you know, I think as soon as November 5th or November 6th. 

Bill Whitaker: Right off the bat.

Denver Riggleman: Come on. Right off the bat.  

Denver Riggleman: The Meadows text messages show you an administration that was completely eaten up with a digital virus called QAnon and conspiracy theories: an apocalyptic, Messianic buffoonery; you can look at the text messages as that roadmap, but it’s also a look into the psyche of the Republican Party today.

Riggleman paints a picture of a Republican Party that is now made up of radicalized conspiracy theorists that behave more like a terror cell than a political party.

Voters appear to be increasingly aware that a Republican victory in the midterm election puts their rights in danger.

Denver Riggleman is revealing that the Trump White House knew they lost the election and plotted immediately after election day to keep power through any means possible.

The election wasn’t stolen. Trump and his co-conspirators know that they lost. The stolen election excuse is a pretext to justify Trump’s cheating in the 2024 election.

Mark Meadows handed investigators a roadmap to the attempted coup. The frightening thought is that what he destroyed or did not turn over could be much worse than what the 1/6 Committee has in its possession.

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