As soon as the midterms were over, the Biden Administration changed its tune on the US economy that this administration is working so diligently to destroy. 

Leading up to the 2020 Election, the Biden Administration was trying to sell Americans on the idea that the economy was doing great.  This, of course, was a lie.  It turns out that Joe Biden saying that the economy is good is like FTX claiming that its books are sound.

We’ve pointed out numerous times this year how weak and depressing the Biden economy is.

With inflation at 40-year-highs, 4.5 million Americans are getting second jobs. 

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Tech billionaires lose over half a trillion in 2022

Mortgage rates hit 20-year high causing home sales to plummet

Average American savings accounts are down 25% this year

Americans see most severe paycut in 25 years under Biden

Bonds at a 40 year low

Average American needs $11,000 pay increase to keep up with Biden inflation

And there is much more on the Biden economy that TGP wrote about in the past few months alone.

But the Biden regime disagreed with the facts before the election.

Breitbart reported on Friday:

President Joe Biden warned Americans on Friday to expect setbacks in his ongoing attempts to fix the economy.

“It’s going to take time to get inflation back to normal levels as we keep our job market strong, so we could see setbacks along the way,” he said at the White House, promising to stay “laser-focused” on the economy.

He also claimed that inflation at the grocery store was “down slightly,” even though the cost of food at home is up 12.4 percent from the previous year.

President Trump said it when he shared at a rally in Miami that if you want the destruction of the United States then you must vote for Democrats.

“If You Support the Decline and Fall of America, Then You Must…Vote for the Radical Left Democrats.” – President Trump at Huge Rally in Miami Today

If you thought the first two years of the Biden regime were difficult, you have not seen anything yet.

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