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Image: Marta Lavandier (AP)

As the auto industry transitions to EVs, it seems some automakers are having a moment to go wild with the last combustion-engined vehicles they’ll release. It’s never been a better time to be an enthusiast. From hot hatches and sport compacts to off-road desert runners, there’s something for everyone that’s willing to pay. The downside is that a lot of these models are thirsty. And while some buyers may not consider the fuel economy of whatever they’re buying — especially the higher end models — there are plenty of people out there who are conscious of the price at the pump.

For those that care about those things, I’ve assembled the least efficient models you can buy from each automaker so we don’t just single out the usual suspects.

I’ve thrown in their curb weights as well, just in case some were wondering how much weight is a factor in these vehicles’ fuel economy. And of course the high end models/brands like Aston Martin and Bentley are excluded as well for obvious reasons.

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