It is October 26, 2022, less than two weeks from what some people believe to be the most critical mid-term election in history. For reasons passing understanding and logic, Dinesh D’Souza hosts a show (podcast type), and today he had former President Donald Trump on, as a guest to address the election… the 2020 election.

Trump spent a good part of his time complaining bitterly about people voting more than once. He said people would vote five votes, six votes, seven votes, then go to”another one,” (Precinct?), and then it adds up! He noted that you can’t put in a thousand votes “or it wouldn’t look right,” but what these five, six, seven people do “adds up to millions of votes.” He even heard of someone who voted 28 times in a day.

The information provided below contributes mightily to the discussion. Surely, the reader recalls the all-important state of Georgia; the one Trump called with the infamous, “Guys, come on, I need 11,700 votes, give me a break!” And let’s see how many people voted 28 times in Georgia. From the Secretary of State’s office:

Below is a list from a total of 35 people arrested for voting crimes in the same state of Georgia in the 2020 election.

Joseph B of Atlanta for allegedly registering to vote while serving a felony sentence

·  Hassan M of Decatur for allegedly voting while serving a felony sentence

·  Michael W of Columbus for allegedly voting while serving a felony sentence

·  Brian P of Cherry Log for allegedly voting while serving a felony sentence

·  Talibah B of Lilburn for allegedly submitting a false voter registration application

·  Sharmaine S of Lithonia for allegedly submitting a false voter registration application

·  Sophia S of Valdosta for allegedly voting in another person’s name

·  Albert N of Winder for allegedly voting as a non-citizen

·  Sean W of Covington for allegedly voting as a non-citizen

·  Clifton S of Fairburn for allegedly registering to vote as a non-citizen

There are more but you get the gist.

As they should, Georgia takes voting security very seriously. If you vote in another person’s name, you’ve taken what is essentially a secular-sacred right. The authorities catch these people. There have been many stories out of Florida (especially The Villages, for some odd reason) of people being caught voting twice. The point is, of course, that election security is extremely strong. Additionally, our decentralized form of elections, where the vote is done precinct by precinct and reported up the chain, through various states, to the top, makes it that much harder for someone to “alter” a vote count that would change an election. Are we perfect? No. Can a person vote five, six, or twenty-eight times in a day? No.

But even funnier or sadder, depending on how one views it, we are – again – thirteen days from a critical mid-term election, and Trump isn’t spending every second talking about the importance of getting out and voting. He is talking about the fact that if you’re a Republican, you best get 28 of your buddies and go vote, lest the Democrat who voted 28 times overcome your voice.

Last, obviously, it is worth mentioning we are thirteen days from the mid-terms, and Trump is still talking about the election he lost by almost 8 million popular votes and – through narrow margins in certain states, lost by a significant margin in the electoral college too.



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